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 Head Office of Eesti Ühispank, 2 Tornimäe Str, 15010 Tallinn, Estonia

 Commercial Register Code: 10004252, Bank Code: 401, SWIFT Code: EEUHEE2X
 Eesti Metodisti Kirik/United Methodist Church in Estonia, Bank Account No: 10052004731009
 IBAN: EE641010052004731009

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    Methodism in Estonia began in 1907 through two lay preachers Vassili Täht and Karl Kuum who started preaching on the island Saaremaa. During that time Dr. George A. Simons from the USA led the work in St. Petersburg. The first congregation was founded in Estonia in 1910 and two years later the first church was built in Kuressaare on Saaremaa. From 1911 to 1920 the Methodist work in Estonia was a part of the Russian Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1921 the Baltic and Slavic Mission Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church was founded with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. In 1924 the Mission Conference was turned into Annual Conference with 46 local churches, 29 pastors, and 1639 full members in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In 1940 the Baltic countries became parts of the Soviet Union. During World War II the people and Methodist work suffered great losses. Thanks to God the Methodist Church in Estonia survived the Soviet period (in Latvia and Lithuania the Methodist Church virtually disappeared). After regaining our independence in 1991 the Methodist church had 17 local churches. In January 2004 they have 28 congregations with total membership about 1800, many of them in new places and newly built churches. The church has 28 active and 4 retired pastors. The church is very active in outreach work (e.g. organizing summer camps, publishing a magazine "Koduteel" and Estonian "Upper Room" edition) and runs social projects (e.g. soup kitchens and children's Care Center "Lighthouse"). It has its own theological seminary with over 160 students, many of whom are from other denominations. The Methodist Church holds membership in the Estonian Council of Churches and the Estonian Evangelical Alliance. They have a vision that Methodist Church in Estonia will be a growing and vital body of Christ who according to the Great Commission will lead new people into the Kingdom of God. Therefore their priority is to teach, train and lead new Christians to proclaim the Gospel.

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